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Criminal Minds Big Bang

Writing is both mask and unveiling - E.B. White

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Criminal Minds Big Bang
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Welcome to cm_bigbang!

This is the Criminal Minds Big Bang challenge!

A big bang challenge is when authors and artists come together to work on and complete 15,000+ word fic. The authors write the fic over a 6 month period. The artists then claim a fic and do a minimum of one piece of custom art for it (art can range from posters, banners, fanmixes, and fan videos in any style the artist chooses). The fics and art are then posted to the community for everyone to enjoy.

All pairings and fic types are welcome, so long as the stories and art's main focus is the characters of Criminal Minds or Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour. However, this challenge does not accept Real Person Fiction (RPF). We hope this won't deter you from signing up!

Your moderators for this challenge are writing2death and wren_hightower. wren usually does all the background work, so if you need someone, please contact writing2death. You can contact us either by PM or by email at magicallysecretive@gmail.com.


- Minimum word count for fics is 15,000
- You can sign up as an Author and an Artist
- All fics must include a rating and necessary warnings
- You may not post your big bang fic anywhere before the posting date
- Artist must submit one art piece minimum for the fic they claim.

Round 3 Schedule

Feb 1st - Writer Sign Ups open.
Feb 1st - Artist Sign Ups open.
Feb 1st - Beta Reader Sign Ups open.
Feb 28th - Writer Sign Ups close.
March 22rd - First mandatory writer check-in. You are encouraged to have 5k written by this point.
April 5th - Artist Sign Ups close.
April 19th - Artist check-in.
May 1st-10th - Second mandatory writer check-in and anonymous summaries submitted. You are encouraged to have 10k written by this point.
May 13th - Anonymous story summaries posted for artists to view.
May 17th-20th - Artist/writer matching. (Writers should share all their work/rough drafts with their artist at this point.)
June 1st - Artist cheer post opens on shapingprofiles.
June 7th-14th - Mandatory artist/writer check-in.
June 28th - Rough drafts due to be submitted; artist and writers.
July 12th-21st - Mandatory check-in for writers and artists to confirm final participation.
July 26th - Posting schedule announced.
August 1st - Big Bang goes live!!!

FAQ | Schedule | Rules
Round 3 | Author Sign-Ups
Round 3 | Artist Sign-Ups
Round 3 | Beta Sign-Ups
Round 3 | Drop Out Post

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