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2012 Masterpost!

Welcome to the Masterpost for all of our 2012 Big Bang entries! Be sure to check out the feedback post that will go up at the end of this week. Congratulations to everyone who participated and finished, you produced some great work!
If there are any errors in spelling, usernames, links, or anything else please let me know asap! :)

Below are the 2012 CM Big Bang entries, alphabetically listed from A-Z:

Title: Alternatives
Author: ariestess & shatterpath
Artist: caitriona_3
Word Count: 15,667 words
Pairings: implied Emily/JJ, Dace/Catherine, Monica/Dana
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Summary: New to the BAU, Emily Prentiss soon finds herself the focus of another, more unusual FBI team known as the Sentinel Project. Will she keep her hard-won position on the BAU team or transfer to this other team?
Link to Fic: Here
Link to Art: Here

Title: Binding the Ties: a Story of Family
Author: novalinx
Word Count: 15,252 words
Pairings: OFC/Anthony DiNozzo Senior, minor Haley/Hotch, minor Wendy/Tony, OFC/OMC
Rating: G
Warnings: Minor character death, brief mention of neglect, spoilers up to Flesh and Blood for NCIS and 100 for Criminal Minds.
Summary: Crossover with NCIS. A brief relationship changes two families forever.
Link to Fic: Here

Title: Elusive
Author: kuriadalmatia
Artist: blythechild
Word Count: 40,062 words
Pairings: Hotch/Reid, Hotch/Haley
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: profanity, graphic case violence, sexual situations
Summary: When Reid quits the BAU shortly after Elle resigns, Hotch struggles to keep his marriage and new team together. The only things that get Hotch through the day are letters from Reid as the former agent travels the US. With a cold case haunting the team and the murder of Gideon’s longtime friend, Hotch reaches his breaking point.
Link to Fic: Here
Link to Art: Here

Title: From Childhood's Hour
Author: nympha_fluminis
Artist: alynt
Word Count: 15,860 words
Pairings: Reid/OMCs
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Rape/Non-con, dub-con, underage, prostitution
Summary: When Spencer Reid's father leaves him to care for his schizophrenic mother at age ten, he struggles to keep things from going under. A few years later, a man named Donny shows Spencer a new way to make ends meet on the streets of Las Vegas.
Link to Fic: Here
Link to Art: Here

Title: Gray Rooms
Author: iceprnce1
Artist: magi143emmykat
Word Count: 17,372 words
Pairings: Hotch/Reid
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Summary: The team works two cases, one involving an unsub on a journey of revenge against senior FBI agents, another kidnapping and killing children in the Southwest. Jack Hotchner gets some page time.
Link to Fic: Here
Link to Art: Here

Title: Reflections
Author: faithburke
Artist: annieb1955
Word Count: 20,000 words
Pairings: minor Hailey/Hotch
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Minor Character Death
Summary: Crossover with Supernatural. There are thirteen extra Aaron Hotchners in the DC/Quantico area, trying to destroy the original any way they can. The Winchesters are the local experts, not the Unsubs inserting themselves into the case, right? Right.
Link to Fic: Here
Link to Art: Here

Title: Set Fire to the Rain
Author: arwen_lalaith
Artist: kramskii
Word Count: 15,152 words
Pairings: Prentiss/Doyle, Morgan/Prentiss
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Violence
Summary: Fusion with The Hunger Games. Emily Prentiss has done the unthinkable - a Capitol girl who volunteered to compete in the annual Hunger Games to save her best friend from a sure death.
Link to Fic: Part I | Part II | Part III
Link to Art: Here

Title: To Face the Demons
Author: wolfinred
Artist: hack_benjamin22
Word Count: 23,500 words
Pairings: Emily Prentiss/John Cooley, implied Emily Prentiss/David Rossi
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence, major character death, noncon/dubcon, underage sex (15 and 16)
Summary: When Emily's old friend, Matthew Benton, is killed, she suspects foul play. She and the team catch the killer, Father Paul Silvano, and have him sent out of the country. But when he tells them they've just made the world a more dangerous place, he's telling the truth. Soon more murders, even stranger ones, are appearing on the BAU's radar, and John Cooley is hanging around a lot more. (AU/tag to 4x17 "Demonology.")
Link to Fic: Here
Link to Art: Here
Tags: !2012 masterlist, !submissions
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